Repentance Forgotten

Below is a brief excerpt from a 92 page pamphlet from 1970. I have been reading this small booklet slowly. I would count it as a brief yet healthy read. There are times when you might find the writer placing his thoughts alongside Scripture, in a manner you disagree. I disagree with portions of most … Continue reading Repentance Forgotten

In transit.

Many of you are aware that good friends helped us on the first leg of our journey from Salisbury, NC, all the way up to where my family lives in New Jersey on Friday! Our brother and sister in Christ brought us right to the doorstep where we needed to be–a major blessing. This post … Continue reading In transit.


Kilby and me have been on the run. Our goal is not to clutter our schedules as busybodies, but to have good full days. Our deep desire is that the time the Lord gives would be well spent. On a micro level, this includes our moments: our personal thoughts and our interactions with one another, … Continue reading Happenings


It was two summers back that I was preparing to head south to Mexico for the second time, by car. I had visited friends south of the border the year prior, seen their coffee shop ministry, and desired to partner with them for more than a few weeks. So, I was set to serve at … Continue reading Goose

UNCC Shooting

Today was the last day of classes (LDOC) at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC). I graduated from the college of engineering just a few years back, May of 2015. I can remember the combined joy-stress that would normally accompany the final day of regular class. There is excitement for summer plans, both … Continue reading UNCC Shooting

I’m engaged.

This is a long story, much abridged: I’m engaged. A few summers back I was working at a Gospel-driven summer camp up in the North Carolina mountains. At that camp I was up in a tree most afternoons working a pendulum swing, where people climb up high to get hooked into a couple cables, which … Continue reading I’m engaged.

Pray for Life

As I sit and reflect… Some of my great joys during the time here in Brussels have been seeing the men of the church gather to pray early on Wednesday mornings—before work; seeing believers gather to sing praise, and read, and pray, on Tuesday mornings—spilling over into the afternoon; and seeing the church come together … Continue reading Pray for Life