Dig Deeper, Beynon & Sach

One thought on “Dig Deeper, Beynon & Sach”

  1. This is a very good overview Greg! We are planning to use it in Module trainings for leaders in our Hermeneutic section. Here are a couple others we are using:

    [image: 193348330_1595738823956713_5189457286532381554_n.jpg] [image: 197698353_309963660616363_3131377255557353294_n.jpg]

    On Fri, Jun 4, 2021 at 2:59 AM #LETMEINTRODUCEYOU wrote:

    > gregthewanderer posted: ” Why should anyone read this book? This 147 page > brief covers 16 ‘tools’ to help the diligent and desirous Bible reader > understand and digest what they soak up from God’s Word. It is not enough > to spend minutes with an open Bible and mark a box off the” >

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