Thrift Store Finds

Kilby and I love to find books at thrift stores to see what forlorn nuggets of wisdom are hiding under dust and dim-lighting, down from attics and off from neglected bookshelves. Many sit overlooked but we try to sift and discover a few to keep in circulation, as often as possible. Some have made their … Continue reading Thrift Store Finds

More Sweet Memories!

Here is another window into the corner of the world we call home. We are thankful for the time in the USA: cool weather, old friends and dear family, familiar foods, good visits with local congregations, and many daily conveniences…but the excitement of getting back to our labors in Africa is growing as the time … Continue reading More Sweet Memories!

2022 Visitation Schedule

August! Belgium: August 1st-August 15th, with the beloved church family we served in 2020. New York City: August 17th-18th, with any friends that may like to grab coffee or a meal. Binghamton, NY: August 19th, with a treasured supporting church and family. New Joisey: August 22nd, to (prayerfully) visit my grandmother whose health is in decline. Somewhere, VA: August 23rd, … Continue reading 2022 Visitation Schedule

12 Miles—One Way—for Bible Study? Any Takers? Brother Richard is All In.

Richard rides his bicycle faithfully, Monday by Monday, about 12 miles one way, to come to our men’s Bible Study. We meet from 9:30-12:30, spending time in the Word and prayer, and sometimes in a book we are reading together. He has been joining with us for 6 months in this capacity! This past Friday, … Continue reading 12 Miles—One Way—for Bible Study? Any Takers? Brother Richard is All In.