Bibles for Africa

3 thoughts on “Bibles for Africa”

  1. Greg and Kilby,
    My husband and I listened to the SWO podcast on your efforts and were so inspired by your dedication and the way God is moving in your lives. I went to SWO three years in a row as a counselor for my church and have followed the ministry ever since. We are so happy to donate to your cause! May the Lord bless and keep you in all of your wanderings.
    For His Glory.

    1. Truly grateful. The Lord is good. We are now here in East Africa and have the privilege to see the Word going forth: in hard copy, through Bible stories shared verbally and relationally, and through study Bibles going into the hands of local pastors eager to speak the Truth. It is a blessing to know that God always accomplishes His will, and such a delight that He would use each of us to proclaim Christ, even as we are broken vessels.

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