Salvation Story

8 thoughts on “Salvation Story”

  1. Greg Your such an inspiration! Finding aman in his Youthful Ages Striving for Heavenly Kingdom!! It such a wonderful testimony! Many of us are chasing World dreams & it’s so Unfortunate tho sometimes it’s an inevitable Scenario to some of Us.I can only So it was By God’s grace for me to Have Met this Wonderful Soul of God & Am strongly convicted that there’s a Godly Plan Behind our Connection.

    Honor to The Almighty Father Always.

  2. What an awesome story of how our God orchestrates the world around us in a manner to have us put our trust and love in Him. Thank you for your obedience to our Lord as you live out your faith to a people who have not heard the truth so that they may live! Praying for you continually!

  3. Praise God for all HE is doing. We continue to keep you and sweet Kilby and your ministry in our prayers. We love and miss you. ((hugs))

  4. This is amazing Greg..there is celebration in heaven for a soul won to Christ..May the Lord keep the fire burning in you..May H also grow in Christ as he testifies the good news as did the Samaritan woman..More grace

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