Why Church?

It’s not about checking a box on the “Christian to-do list.” It’s not about enduring the great suffering of waking up early to show Jesus you love Him. (seriously, it’s not that early or that bad…we are willing to do far more for far less important things in life.) It’s not about being seen by … Continue reading Why Church?

First Steps

I am confident that when we respond to a call on our hearts and take the first steps of action, Jesus smiles.   I am super excited to be spending this upcoming summer in Puerto Rico.  I don’t know the details.  I don’t know who I will meet.  I just know that I’m supposed to … Continue reading First Steps

Faith Says “Done”

When God says “do this,” faith says “done.” When God directs, faith picks up the map, packs a bag, and heads out. When God says speak, faith can’t remain silent. When God says reach out, faith can’t keep to itself. The beauty of this faith that is found in Christ is that it is real … Continue reading Faith Says “Done”

Looking Ahead

Usually I dread the return to school, the start of a new semester, and honestly, having to deal with new professors.  As an engineering student, a new semester means another 4 months of minimal sleep.  It means I will be doing very little in terms of recreation outside of the classroom.  One of my new … Continue reading Looking Ahead


I want my life to be a declaration, a demonstration, of who Jesus is. Anywhere that takes me, so be it. I believe He’s the Son of God. I believe that He has a love for me that is so amazingly undeserved, yet it never ceases. I believe that love was so strong that He … Continue reading Baptism