Gracias, Gracias, Gracias

2 thoughts on “Gracias, Gracias, Gracias”

  1. Greg, I can’t express how excited I am for you, for the people that you will impact, for those who will impact you, and for the things that God has planned. I am striving to live for God – I don’t want to say it, I want to do it – and your heart encourages me and pushes me. The situation with ‘not trusting’, I felt the same way for the (very short) mission trip to Mexico, but God was there and overwhelmed me with support. I am so glad that you, too, have seen the work that he can do in that aspect. I pray that we can both continue to understand how wonderful He is and teach that to everyone we know…and don’t know. Stay strong, have fun, and keep making those awesome relationships. Know that we’re all missing you here and will be glad for your return in two months, but are also ecstatic about God taking you to PR. Much love – Kristen

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