If you have ever been a kid, had a kid, or spent time around children, you have likely said and heard these words a few thousand times: “go-fish.” To the late-in-life learner of the English language, it would seem like an error, an incorrect use of words, or a confusing way to talk about fishing…but … Continue reading “Go-Fish”

On The State, and The State of Christianity

The Communist position viewed religion as “the opiate of the masses.” The religious were counted as foolish and dangerous, a threat. The post-modern, socialistic push has narrowed the scope: “Christianity is the disease of the minority.” Christianity is one that deters the movement of this New Religion, and its hallucinogenic effects. {{The Bible-believing Christian has … Continue reading On The State, and The State of Christianity

Salvation Story

“So what they told you, it is true…” This was the phrase spoken by my dear friend and now brother in Christ, H, as he met my wife and several friends who arrived to witness his baptism yesterday. I told H that these friends, and many other believers around the world who have never met … Continue reading Salvation Story

Bibles for Africa

Brothers and Sisters: My name is Greg Helms. I have served with various ministries throughout the past several years including Operation Mobilization (in Brussels, Belgium), Campamento del Caribe (in Puerto Rico), Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters (in Andrews, NC), and El Buho (in Hidalgo, Mexico).  My wife and I married in September of 2019; we have been … Continue reading Bibles for Africa

God is ‘Love’

A few weeks back, a good friend drove me to the hospital here in Belgium. The hospital being a place many have spent time in recent months, where no one wants to be–except for those longing to visit loved ones, who are prohibited. My body was sick, and ‘it’ didn’t seem to be going away … Continue reading God is ‘Love’

Good Morning Monday

Sky still dark, though soft;5am, orange hue. Windows wide.Birds communicating, loudly. The temperature says, “spring.”The forecast is showers, much,To local farmers’ delight. Soil,more than ready with thirst. Friday was celebratory, solemn;Difficult, so tearfully necessary.We acknowledge it as “good.” Saturday was calm, restful;death-shattering might so bright,As Sunday came & went—“Easter.”Bells rang, broadcasts streamed. Enter Monday, and … Continue reading Good Morning Monday