L’aventure commence

2 thoughts on “L’aventure commence”

  1. Hey man!

    I’m Jerry’s friend from the stories. 😄

    Love your story and obedience! Praying that the Lord has his way in your journey, that your travels are life-changing for you and those around you. Be a light raised up!

  2. Hi, Mr. Greg!
    At first I thought to leave you a comment in french (because of the title of this posting), but then I kept reading and realized it would be a bad idea, since you got in “trouble” with your french. Hahaha.
    I’m here through Jerry’s newsletter. I got curious reading his post about you two together. Jerry is one of the best human being I have ever met and I’m glad to know people are blessed by him when they get a chance to hang out with this super Marvel fan guy. This is what happen when you get to know Jerry.
    I enjoyed your post as well, now you have a fan reader for sure!
    Count on me with prayers, even a little too far from Europe.

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