Weekend Report

I understand it is Tuesday, and this report covers more than the weekend. I am weary of thinking of titles for my sporadic, jumbled mess of words. If I think of anything impressive while writing, I’ll update the title for you. I don’t want my words to be read because of a catchy title. Hey, that’s … Continue reading Weekend Report


I woke up on a borrowed air mattress in a borrowed apartment. The view from the windows covering the walls proved I was floating eye-level with the surrounding skyscrapers. The view brings me back to my accommodations during work training in August of 2015 (and I thought that would be my career). The city of … Continue reading 02/20/17


Some remnants of the weekend snow and ice are still on the streets of Charlotte today. I had picked up some PB&J earlier this weekend, hoping to put it to good use while crashing at a friend’s apartment (They call him Sam). Today I borrowed a knife from Sam’s silverware drawer and made seven sandwiches. … Continue reading PB&J

“you did what?”

Last year I was handed the keys to a beautiful, brand new company car…with 6 miles on it. My phone automatically synced with the radio when I climbed into the plush driver’s seat. Car washes, gas, and maintenance were completely covered. Today, I am driving a borrowed 1997 passenger van, with unknown mileage, to shuttle volunteers … Continue reading “you did what?”


Ministry is a funky word. I used to associate ministry with excessively strict people, clerical collars, and all those activities and events the “church people” wanted my money for. I used to think “ministry” was one of those words reserved for the Christians who “had everything figured out.” Newsflash: I have been looking everywhere, on several continents, and I … Continue reading Ministry

A month later…

Here I am, back in the Puerto Rican office with AC and my classic laptop from senior year of high school. Can you believe I am typing for the second day in a row? Incredible. So, what brought me back to the keyboard? This. As you may know, or may not know, I backpacked through … Continue reading A month later…

Sólo Tenemos Una Vida

We only have one life. You have one life, I have one life–regardless of last name, socioeconomic status, nationality, profession, bank roll, political affiliation, vehicle type, stress experienced daily, number of social media followers or scholarly achievements hanging on the office wall, etc. Each person has one life, one opportunity, one set of numbered days … Continue reading Sólo Tenemos Una Vida